Slimsona – allegedly “Made in Germany, but headquartered in India

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Chocolate Slim is an ineffective r shake. It is offered by a Russian company that acts in a highly dubious manner and does not comply with German laws. Consumers are systematically deceived by false images and reports of experiences. And even if you still want to buy Chocolate Slim despite all these points, there is no information about intake or package size. It is therefore completely unclear whether the price of 49€ per package is very expensive or extremely expensive.

Green coffee and Acai berry are the main ingredients of Chocolate Slim, along with cocoa. These two ingredients have been found in the last few years in practically every second alleged miracle cure. And disappointed thousands of new bona fide buyers. We have already described in detail why the desired effect is not achieved in our article on green coffee.

Other ingredients of Chocolate Slim are goji berries, chia seeds and ganoderma Lucidum.

It seems to be a kind of shake, which should be drunk in the morning instead of breakfast. Information on the preparation and the quantity per package is unfortunately not available. Thus it is completely open how long a package lasts.

We estimate that a package contains the standard quantity of 300 to 500 grams. As with other formula diets, which are taken at least once a day, one package is usually sufficient for only a few days (see Yokebe, Almased and other formula diets in the test).

The advertising promises of Chocolate Slim can already be refuted with simple arithmetic. There is talk of a weight loss of 10 kg in 4 weeks.

An average woman burns a maximum of 2,000 calories a day. There are 7,000 calories in one kilogram of fat. To burn 10 kilograms of fat, a woman usually needs at least 35 days. In the unlikely event of not eating anything. As soon as only any calories are consumed, this period of time becomes even longer. To remain silent about hunger and muscle loss.

On the sales page you will find the following offers:

For a one-month intake, we estimate that at least 3 packs would have to be ordered for 100€. An ordinary three-month period of application would be at least €300.

In addition to the ineffectiveness and the high price, there is another disadvantage: payment is only possible by cash on delivery. This means that you have to pay for the goods directly on receipt. This means that you must not only be at home when the delivery arrives, but also pay in advance. In contrast to the purchase of invoices, this is a big disadvantage.

Shipping is specified as 2-3 days for selected regions. Deliveries to other regions can take up to 14 days.

Small, but eye-catching banners are placed on trustworthy websites.

Clicking on the pictures does not take you directly to the sales page, but first to a health portal dummy. Since this procedure has become so popular among rioters, we have written a complete article about health portal dummies. There you will find out what these pages look like on the website of a pharmacy magazine.

In this case, the Internet address is always “”.

The product is advertised there in the usual manner in a pseudo-news article. We are talking about users who lost weight too quickly and now have the body of an anorexic 17-year-old, only by Chocolate Slim. However, the website is a fake. Each link leads to the Chocolate Slim sales page.

All images that represent supposedly successful users are stolen and falsified.

On the sales page you can find the trick with the time pressure:”Only until the end of the day” is displayed and a timer that counts down 24 hours. Afterwards the product should cost 98€ instead of 49, again. With every visit to the sales page, this timer starts counting again. This trick is also so widespread that we have also published our own article about the trick with the time pressure

The provider of Chocolate Slim apparently does not want to be found. On the sales side, there is no reference to the responsible company anywhere. There is also no imprint. The Internet addresses are operated by an intermediary, so that the real operator does not appear. Only extensive research has revealed that Chocolate Slim is an international company called AdCombo with its headquarters in Russia.

And you can tell. In various places you will find mistakes that seem to come from the translation:

Besides Chocolate Slim, AdCombo has several other products in the range

Chocolate Slim

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